EDRC Frequently Asked Questions

What does EDRC stand for?

EDRC stands for Electrical Design Rule Check.

What PCB software and formats does EDRC support?

Right now we support only Autodesk Eagle, but are looking to support other formats.

Why did you build EDRC?

As software developers that occasionally make hardware, we feel that the world of open hardware is severely lacking in the tools and ecosystem that make open software great. Being able to iterate on designs in a public forum, accept design suggestions, and easily visualize boards is something we think makes hardware development better. We hope you think so too.

Will EDRC always be free?

EDRC will remain free as long as we can afford keep the lights on! We are not accepting donations right now.

Does EDRC support private projects?

EDRC supports only public projects and does not currently have plans to support private projects.

Is EDRC open source?

EDRC is not open source right now as we have been focused on getting it built. We will open source the pieces when we have time. Consider following one of the creators on Twitter - we will announce when we're open source and ready for contributions.

Does EDRC support source control sites other than GitHub?

Not right now. We are looking to expand to other providers however this is low on our priority list.

I found a bug! What do I do?

Please send us details so that we can fix it! EDRC is in ALPHA right now, which means it has nothing but rough edges. By reporting bugs you can help us smooth things out and make an official release!

To report a bug you can either click on your profile card at the top right of the screen while in EDRC and click "Report a Bug", or you can go to our feedback page.